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What's Happening to America?

                              $2,700,000 In Research and Development

        $300,000 In the Last Six (6) Years Alone Fighting to get Published

   Pasternak and Solzhenitsyn had Less Trouble Publishing From the U.S.S.R.

                   Than This Author Within the United States of America 

              Freedom of Speech Delayed is Freedom of Speech Denied!!!

First copyrighted in 2008 and just 'allowed' out! "MARKET BUBBLES, Abacus Road® and the Fight for the American Dream," Copyright ©2010 by Robert J. Castro, is a book about: 1) the mathematical wave that determines Price in world markets (NOT Gaussian Copula) and 2) how the formula has been used by a handful of families at the pinnacle of world wealth to plunder global markets and get rich from stocks, bonds, options, currency and commodity futures, derivatives, real estate, even interest rate arbitrage at the expense of everyone else on the planet.

To consistently win at investing, an investor must possess in-depth knowledge of the way price moves in world markets. To understand the social and political workings of the world one must possess in-depth knowledge of the way Abacus Road® affects virtually everything around us from the price of food, clothing, housing, and energy… to even the reason and timing of war !!!

If ever there were a Holy Grail of investing, This is it !!!

For the first time, this important work unlocks the secret formula behind the success of every investment stalwart of the last two centuries from Bernard Baruch to the most notable oracles of today.

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Learn How to construct iinvestment charts of the complex wave that determines price
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Learn How to search for Price Bubbles in investments, sectors, whole markets
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The Secret Investment Formula, a Mathematical Price History

The genius behind the formula is that it captures price history in mathematical form. The formula operates much like the shingles on a roof with each undulation, each successive wave overlapping, accumulating, and recording an instant history in wave form of all price points that went before it. The formula creates a recorded history that by virtue of its cumulative, repetitive nature sets current price action and provides for price in the future. As Abacus Road® recalls price past, it is forged by demand to create price current that in turn lays the track for price future.

Wait…there's more:

Learn How the market Crash of 1929, 1957, 1987, 2000, and 2008 could have been forecast using Abacus Road®…even before 1910!

Learn How abuse of the formula has wiped out the finances of America to make our citizens beg for Socialism, the very form of governance we have fought against for the last 100 years.

Learn How a small cadre of supremely rich investors, primarily in Europe, has cornered world financial markets to crush America in its push toward “Globalization.”

Discover How the ‘Supreme Elite’ are combining the world under One World Government, a New World Order, One World Order ( NWO / 1 WO ) that will put an end to the nation we love so dearly, our Freedom, our Heritage, our collective Right to Vote, the U.S. Constitution …the American dream.  (See the 'Mary Jones' tab - top, right).   See the Abacus Road® Video: 

  • The 1 WO Agenda: World Dominance

  • The Motive: Power and Money
  • The Means: …Abacus Road®


*Should cost $1,995.99 for the investment information alone:  .pdf eBook $19.95 U.S./ $24.95 foreign.

We kid you not...Keys to the Universe.