Frequently Asked Questions/ Troubleshooting

Q. Why does the author use an End Users License Agreement (EULA) and Digital Rights Management (DRM)?

A. The author relies on a EULA to preserve Abacus Road® indicator stream patent rights for America First Charitable Trust. See for a description of our charity.

A. The author uses DRM to assure unadulterated delivery of his work to his audience. There have been myriad attempts to expropriate the author's work over the last number of years. We are doing everything possible to assure that the information received by our readers is uniform and legitimate.


Q. I tried to download your book today. I have deleted my previous versions of Adobe Reader (AR) and downloaded the current version of AR 11 and was able to download the latest Adobe approved, FileOpen plug-in through the link below, but the book file never downloaded. What should I do?

A. In order: 1) Make sure that you have updated your Windows or MAC operating system (OS) software. Then 2) update your browser software (this may have been taken care of with the OS updates. It depends on the browser being used). Then 3) be sure to update your Adobe Reader 11 software (Open Adobe Reader/ Help/ Check for Updates). Then 4) make sure that you have downloaded the latest Adobe approved, FileOpen plug-in at Then 1) try just opening or 2) try downloading, saving, and opening the book file once more.


Q. My husband,  Mark, tried to download the book today and we could not. It seemes you had to have a “recognized email address.”    Does that make sense?  What should we do?

A. Having trouble downloading Market Bubbles, Abacus Road® and the Fight for the American Dream, copyright ©2010 by Robert J. Castro? Make sure to adjust your email system and browser and possibly your firewall (check with a specialist here)  to allow downloads from Alternately, send an email to with the word "TEST" in the subject line (RE:) and body of the email. this will 'train' your email firewall to accept emails and downloads from The author will send you a fresh email.


Q. I was able to "open"(see) the book but could not download it. I don't know what I need to do to download the pdf file.

A. [Later] I found it clicking on the Adobe X icon and entering the address and the password. I guess it will work. [Note" 'X' stands for 'whatever' version number].


Q. Are you still having difficulty opening the book?

I. Both MAC and PC users must download Adobe Reader X as well as the FileOpen plug-in BEFORE downloading the book file, opening, and reading the book. Make sure that the latest Adobe Reader X ('X' stands for 'whatever' version number) is downloaded from:

If you already have Adobe Reader, you may care to update it (Open Adobe Reader/ Help/ Check for Updates). Next, download the Adobe-approved Fileopen plug-in from:

Be sure to close all open browsers, then click on the Fileopen plug-in file in /Downloads (or wherever you saved the file) on your computer. You can verify proper intallation of the plug-in: "Click here to test the installation."

Last, re-download the book file from:

II. If using cut and paste  to transfer your username and password, be sure that you do not inadvertently place a space " " before or after the input characters.

III. You must be on-line to read the book.


Q. The book opens just fine on my MAC, but the pages are Blank. What to I do?

MAC machines may attempt to open the book in "Preview" mode. Close out of the Preivew mode window. Open Adobe Reader X, locate the book file amoung your file downloads (or other location you chose to store the file), and click on the file to open the book.


Q. The book opens just fine in my PC's browser, but I cannot read the small print.

A, If the book opens as a .pdf in your browser but you want to utilize the ‘zoom; and other features in Adobe Reader X, Open Adobe Reader X. Click on ‘Edit/Preferences/Internet (left hand panel). Uncheck “Display .PDF in browser. Click O.K. Find the book file among your downloads (wherever you saved it). Thereafter, whenever you click on the file, it should open up in Adobe Reader X on your desktop. In Adobe Reader X, choose View/Page Display (single page or two-up), Zoom, etc.).


 If the book still does not open, please consider the FAQ answers below about The FileOpen PDF Plug-In for Adobe Reader/Acrobat we found at:

The important things to consider if a document doesn't open are:

-    Is the FileOpen plug-in installed (check Help>About 3rd Party Plug-ins>FileOpen WebPublisher)?

o    If not, install from

-    Does the error message contain text that suggests that the Publisher's server could not be reached (the one above, or a message with text like "Unable to get server data [FO error #2114, OS error #0].")

o    If so, attempt to open a file from the test site above. If that also fails, check that the machine is connected to the internet and that the local proxy or firewall permits Adobe Acrobat/Reader to communicate over port 80.

-    Does the error contain a message that is specific to this document or user, e.g. something like "Document Access Denied: This machine is not registered for access to this document."?

o    If so the technical underpinnings are working properly - the client was able to contact the server and got a response - but there is an issue between the user and the publisher’s server, i.e. the publisher’s server does not recognize the user or user's machine as having access to the document.