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How important are financial markets to the American dream?

The answer might surprise you.

Abacus Road® is the embodiment of the mathematical construct that underpins virtually every investment transaction on the planet, to include stocks, stock futures, and stock options; currency, and commodity futures; real estate; derivatives; even interest rates. This important book explains how price is determined in world markets and how the formula can be used to anticipate price movement. With graphs, in-depth discussions, and examples, readers will quickly achieve insight into world markets. But there is something more readers will discover: those at the pinnacle of world wealth have likely abused the formula at the expense of the average investor.

Abuse of the formula has led author Robert James Castro on his mission to share the truth with the American people. This thought-provoking work brings to light the very real possibility that socialism is close to home and that a small group of elite financiers is prepared to join the world under one government, a threat to the way we live, a threat to the American dream fought for so bravely. The author accepts the truth, but will you?

Read on to learn more about "Market Bubbles, Abacus Road® and the Fight for the American Dream" Copyright ©2010 by Robert J. Castro

Robert James Castro graduated from the Sidwell Friends School and matriculated to George Washington University, where he received a Bachelor of Science in International Finance.  An insurance executive specializing in bank-related group insurance forms, Mr. Castro began day trading stocks, options, and commodities in 1995 at the encouragement of the CEO of one of his major financial institution clients. The author quickly surmised that while a certain periodicity seems to exist in world financial markets, existing electronic chart indicators fall far short in portraying price action. There is no prescience, no means of anticipating the future of price when using existing chart plotting methods. Existing indicators demonstrate general price trend but forecast no degree of certainty in future price action. Mr. Castro spent the ensuing ten years formulating his understanding of world markets.