Abacus Road® is the secret investment formula that has controlled world commerce for more than an 100 years. It was thought that world financial markets were honest, pristine, trustworthy,and secure; but discovery of the Road teaches another lesson: that those at the pinnacle of world wealth,those in control of world markets have abandoned the potential humanitarian benefits available along the Road to quench their insatiable greed, their lust for personal wealth and power. They have made a casino of world markets from which the house eventually takes all. The activities of their  cabal have exacerbated countless depressions; magnified world hunger, world strife; and doubtless caused many wars. Their abuse of the formula has condemned the American dream, perhaps forever.

It will be up to future generations to determine if the formula will continue to be used as a tool to line the pockets of an elite who seek to dominate the world, or whether the formula will be put to better use reinforcing and optimizing high levels of supply availability thereby permitting the strategic and efficient use of demand input for the betterment of all.

The future is written in the past as the past becomes the future, each wave handing off to the next in time frame controlling; weaving, summing, double checking,…Abacus Road®, [withheld]  and demand current combine to forge man´s history and future as they intertwine through time.