Thanks for visiting today. Soon we hope to have a number of ways to purchase the book Market Bubbles, Abacus Road® and the Fight for the American Dream, copyright ©2010 by Robert J. Castro. In addition to the now available Windows .pdf Version we expect to have formats from hardcover to .Mobi and ePub. Delays in the other eBook formats have risen from vendor inability to incorporate an End User Licensing Agreement (EULA) into their book offering pages. The EULA is necessary to protect the patent rights for commercial use of the integral investment formula routines by America First Charitable Trust (80% of all commercial royalties inure to our charity, America First Charitable Trust – private investor licensed use is FREE)!


Thank you for your interest in this important work. Due to the nature and sensitivity of this work and the small cost of the book, there will be no refunds, NO EXCEPTIONS. (Once software routines are downloaded the secret is out.)

There is a USD$5.00 Handling Fee included in the book price on all Non-U.S. Orders.